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Pursue the limit and possibility of precision

Since the foundation in 1936, we have pursued the limit and possibility of precision. TAKAHIRO provided a lot of customers with high quality parts and products through the research and development of original technology.
In order to answer the higher, more diversified request from the global market, TAKAHIRO will continue to develop more advanced technology and product.

President message

Since the company foundation as a grinding works in 1936, we have been engaged in grinding technology and produced various parts. Overcoming the chaos after World War Ⅱ, we expanded our business to the process of heat treatment and machining, now we have become a total process manufacturer. Making use of these technologies, we have originally developed “SoarerDex”, a roller gear unit. The products were used by a lot of customers in the market of the factory automation. Lately we have developed an NC rotary table “ROLLERTURN” in the trend of “non backlash” rotary positioning.
Since the foundation, TAKAHIRO have been blessed with a lot of customers and business. We will create good products and contribute customers and society to the future.

Company Profile

Address 6-1, Shioya-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 457-0078, Japan
Tel / Fax +81-52-811-3116(Tel) / +81-52-821-1929(Fax)
Factory North factory, South factory
Foundation Aug. 1936
Business · ROLLERTURN Sales and production (Fast NC rotary table)
· SoarerDex Sales and production (Precise Indexer)
· Cam design and production
· Precise parts processing (machining, heat treatment, grinding)
· Heat treatment (Vacuum / Salt bath / Subzero treatment)

Head office
Head office

South factory
South factory

North factory
North factory


11 minutes from Nagoya Sta. by train / 5 minutes from Kasadera Sta. by foot


Kiichi Takagi and Hiroshi Suganuma founded TAKAHIRO GRINDING WORKS in Nagoya
Move to the present place
Moved to Kasadera (Nagoya) and construct a new factory.
Restart business after WWⅡ
Reorganization as a corporation
Start sales of a precise indexer “Soarerdex”
Develop a super precision Index ( Accuracy ±5 angle second)
Qualified for “AICHI BRAND” by the governor of Aichi prefecture
Start sales of a fast NC table “ROLLERTURN”

Main equipment

Precise Processing

  Machine Name Brand Type & Size Quantity
Horizontal Machining Center YASDA YBM-Vi40 (5 Axes) 1
MITSUI HS-5A (850×700×750) , HU-80A, HU-50A 5
OKK HM500 (780×750×800) 1
Vertical Machining Center MITSUI VS3A,VU65A (1280×650×610) 2
DMG MORI M300L (1600×500×470) , FRONTER-M 2
OKK VM7 Ⅲ (1530×740×660) 1
BROTHER TC-22B-0 (700×450×410) 1
NC multi machine OKUMA MULTUS B300Ⅱ (Ø520×1000) 1
NC multi lathe MAZAK Multiplex 6100, 610, 620 (Ø260×400) 3
Super Precision Processor JTEKT AHN15 (Ø150×250) 1
NC super precise lathe RIKEN UPL-1K (Ø300×130) 2
NC lathe MAZAK M4 (Ø560×1000) 1
OKUMA LB4000 (Ø460×1500) 1
Normal lathe OKUMA, WASHINO (Ø350×1000) 2
Milling machine HITACHI, MAKINO, OKK   3
Slotting machine YAMAGE MY280 1
Radius balling machine OKUMA, OGAWA DMB-860, HOR-D1000 3
Vertical, desktop balling machine YOSHIDA, ASINA, KIRA etc.   5
Cylindrical grinder WASHINO GAU-50B-T (Ø200×500) , GP-25B 4
TOYODA GUP-32-50 etc. (Ø400×1000) 3
NC Cylindrical grinder TOYODA GE4P-50 (Ø300×500) 1
OKAMOTO OGM250 (Ø200×500) 1
CNC angle grinder JTEKT GE4A-100 (Ø300×1000) 1
Internal grinder OKAMOTO IGM-2M (Ø6-Ø200×200) , IGM-15EX 4
TOYODA GI-100 (Ø200×250) 1
WASHINO GA-50B-TG (Ø100×150) 1
Surface grinder NAGASE SGC125BLD2 (500×1200) 1
OKAMOTO PSG158DXZ (800×1550)
(with a vertical grind axe)
OKAMOTO PSG125EXZ (500×1200) 1
OKAMOTO PSG-630X (300×600) 1
Horizontal rotary grinder WASHINO SS-501 (Ø508×125) 1
Rotary surface grinder SUMITOMO SVR110 (Ø1100×370) 1
NC vertical grinder TAIYO NVG-8T (Ø800×700) , IGV-7N 2
Honing machine NISSIN, FUJI E25MM1N (Ø25×80) etc. 2
Measuring tools Three dimension measuring machine TOKYO Prec. RVA1000A, SVA1000A-C6 2
Roundness measuring machine TOKYO Prec. RONCOM 65A 1
Roughness measuring machine TOKYO Prec. SURFCOM 554A 1
Shape measuring machine TOKYO Prec. COUNTER RECORD 2600E 1
Digital microscope KEYENCE VHX 1
Profile Projector NIKON V-20A 1
Surface plate MITSUTOYO etc. 1,000×2,000 etc. 9
Digital height measuring instrument TRIMOS, MAHR, TESA TVD800A, DIGIMAR CX1, Microheight + M600 etc. 3
Electrical micrometer TESA, MAHR TT10, CH1020, Militron 4
Rotary encoder (Heidenhain / Renishaw) HEIDENHAIN RON806/ND261 3
Autocollimator NIKON TA-121 1
Gaussmetor DENSHIJIKI GM432 1
Magnetic inspection DENSHIJIKI ER262 1
Hardness measuring instrument AKASHI ARK-B 1

Heat treatment

Machine Name Quantity
Vacuum furnace NVFC-450PT (IHI-AbarIpsen) 1
Vacuum furnace VFC-424R (IHI-AbarIpsen) 1
Salt bath furnace line 1
Electrical furnace 1
Subzero treatment furnace 400×400×500 1
Hardness measuring instrument Micro Vickers 1
Hardness measuring instrument Rockwell 1

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